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We are a UK business operating in Derby and  we pride ourselves on customer excellence.
Shipping and VAT  is included in our prices and we deliver high quality products anywhere in the UK.

Is there a hole for my gas pipe?
There is an area on the bottom of the Overbox to allow for cut out of any pipes allowing a good fit
Which way does the door hang?
The door is able to hang either way. The hinges are easily adjusted to allow for the door to swing in either direction
Can the Overbox be used for Gas or Electricity meters?
Yes it can. The centre label is also reverseable with an E or G to allow easy identification
Do I need a special key to open and close the Overbox?
No a normal meter key works fine however we can supply a key if needed (see the online store)
Do you provide a fitting service?
No we don't however the box is very easy to fit yourself, see our fitting video and instruction guides.
What screws or rawplugs do I need?
It depends on the wall that you are fixing the Overbox to. It needs no specialist plugs or screws. See our online store if you would like some supplying.
How many Overboxes have you sold?
We have been selling through Amazon and Ebay for a while and have set the website up for customers to buy direct and at the best prices. We have a sold over 1200  this year alone.
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