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We are a UK business operating in Derby and  we pride ourselves on customer excellence.
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Replacement Doors
For Gas Or Electricity Meter Boxes

  1. surface mounted gas meter door mk2
  2. electric meter door permali
We have lots of enquirys for replacement doors and described here is our most popular and the most common types.

These are really easy to fit and all our doors are complete so all you need to do is hang them.
Customers ask about different colour doors as their current meter door maybe is in black. In most situations you will find these have been painted and although our doors come in white they could be easily painted to match any existing meter box frame before they are hung.

Check out our Premium meter doors which are both damage and fire resistant

Please check the dimensions of the door fit your existing meter box before ordering we recommend measuring your existing meter door or the opening in the meter box by both its width and height.

Doors we offer:-

Premium Electric or Gas Doors:- 15" x 21.5" (384mm x 549mm)

Standard Electricity or Gas Doors:- 15" x 21.5" (384mm x 550mm)

Mk2 Surface Mounted Gas Doors:-13.39" x 14.96" (340mm x 380mm)

Submerged / Buried Gas Door:- 16.93" x 18.11" (430mm x 460mm)

Permali or Hampton Meter Doors

Electricity Small Door:- 21.93" x  14.37" (557mm x 365 mm)

Electricity Medium Door:- 24.57" x 16.81" (624mm x 427mm)

Electricity Large Door:- 28.94" x 19.96" (735mm x 507mm)
Key Benefits Of Our Doors
  • Suitable for all new build or retro fit installations
  • Acceptable to all Independant Gas Transporters
  • Easy and quick to fit with spring hinge pins

Hinge Pins, Latch and Meterbox Key INCLUDED

Premium Doors

Made from PC-ABS (polycarbonate-ABS) and is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics. PC-ABS offers the most desirable properties of both materials — the superior strength and heat resistance of PC and the flexibility of ABS.

Fitting Instructions
The left/right hand side of your frame will have pre-drilled holes into which the door pins are inserted.
Hold the door and insert the solid stainless steel pin into the bottom/top recess.
Press in the brass spring pin fully and slide into the top recess allowing the pin to spring back into the pre-drilled hole.
Close the door as normal and lock.

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