How To Combat The Energy Price Hike

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How To Combat The Energy Price Hike

Posted 16.06.2022

Switch Providers or Tariffs

Although the price cap has been raised across the board, you might be able to find a better-suited tariff for your household by switching, this might be a different tariff with the same provider or a different provider entirely. We’d suggest a thorough search and comparison before making the decision as the cap is now in effect and you’ll want to avoid any extra charges where possible.

Meter Readings

By regularly providing meter readings to your provider, you avoid being charged at an estimate, which could be more than you use and only charged by what you actually use. So, in keeping an accurate track of your meter readings, you can provide these to your supplier.

Investing in a high-quality and durable meter box to protect your meters through elements, for years to come can make it easier to access your meter boxes when required quickly.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Although this might be an expense you can’t afford to incur at the moment, it is something to consider when you are looking to replace them. Newer products are manufactured to be much more efficient and you could save nearly £400 a year. So, whether it’s a fridge freezer, tumble dryer, washing machine or dishwasher, considering their running cost has never been more critical.

Swapping Light Bulbs

A more affordable and short-term solution to saving money is to swap all of your light bulbs for energy-saving ones, such as LED light bulbs. According to statistics, an LED light bulb can save you up to £180 a year on your electricity bill compared to an old-style bulb. Furthermore, they are also known to last significantly longer too.

Draft Proofing

Another quick and easy way is to insulate your home as much as possible, and draft proofing is a great way to do so. For windows, use draught-proofing strips around the edges, if doors aren’t flush with the ground, a simple flap or physical block will help retain heat. 

Grants and Discounts

Over the years, as an incentive to create energy-efficient homes, the government has introduced numerous grants and discounts to certain groups of people. These include the Warm Home Discount, Winter Fuel Payment, Boiler Upgrades and loft insulations. We would recommend researching what schemes and discounts you might be eligible for and signing up. 

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