Metal Surface Mounted Meter Boxes

Has your meter box or current overbox been broken, vandalised or is beginning to show signs of wear and tear? Our range of gas and surface mounted electric meter boxes can replace your current overbox, or provide greater protection for your current meter box. These surface meter boxes fit neatly over the existing surface meter box and are easily fixed using the external flanges provided. Whether you are looking for a surface meter box for your gas or your electric meters, we have the solution. Take a look at our selection of surface mounted meter boxes below:

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Yes we do! One of our most popular metal surface mounted meter boxes is designed for either a surface mounted gas or electric meter box. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, our surface meter box covers are made from 2mm alumium; excellent to withstand all weather types!

Yes, here at RepairMyMeterBox you can purchase metal surface mounted electric meter boxes. Either a meter box which fits over the backplate, or a side fixing overbox for surface mounted electric meters. Whether your current electric meter has been accidentally damaged, or vandalised; protect it quickly and affordably with our of our surface mounted meter boxes.

Yes. Surface mounted and wall mounted do mean the same thing.

Absolutely! Why pay extra for a brand new surface mounted meter box when you could get yours repaired? We stock a range of meter box repair kits and parts – why not take a look and see whether you can bring your tired surface mounted meter box back to life?

Whilst our surface mounted meter box is available in brown and white, due to the material, you’re able to paint or spray this meter box cover whichever colour you like!

We guarantee fast delivery of our meter boxes direct to your door. However, we do not fit or replace your surface mounted meter box. But don’t worry, it’s really simple to do yourself. We’ve even put together a step-by-step guide to fitting a meter box cover over on our ‘How to’ page.

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