Cigarette Bins

Cigarette bins are the perfect solution to removing waste associated with smoking from your commercial or residential property. Cigarette butts can be a real eye sore and harmful to the environment, so providing a cigarette bin to put them in is the responsible thing to do. Often placed in designated smoking areas outside pubs, office blocks, flat buildings, shops and other business buildings, our selection of cigarette bins will help you meet your environmental targets. For your smoking area, you can choose a wall mounted or free standing cigarette bin to put cigarette ends in, depending on whether you have wall space or just want something slim in a corner. Whichever kind of cigarette bin you choose here today, rest assured that all our cigarette bins are fire resistant and manufactured in line with UK regulations. Check out our selection of cigarette bins below.

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Your cigarette bin should be placed in an easy-to-access spot in your designated smoking area. Both the wall mounted and free standing cigarette bins here are designed to be at a comfortable height for smokers, making it easy for them to place their cigarette butts in the bin and keep the area tidy.

All cigarette bins from RepairMyMeterBox are fire resistant stainless steel or aluminium, meaning any still lit cigarette butts thrown in won’t cause a fire.

It’s really easy to empty our cigarette bins once they become full. They all come with a key which can be inserted to open up the bin and remove the cigarette ends for disposal.

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