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We stock a range of replacement electric meter doors and gas meter doors and covers suitable for a cavity or inset gas meter door. Whether you’re looking to fix your Mk1 gas meter box door, or you’re on the hunt for a gas meter box door replacement for your mk2 surface gas box, our range of meter cupboard doors are sure to fit the bill. We understand that not everyone has a gas meter door, which is why we also have a selection of electric meter box doors by the likes of Permali. Take a look at our meter boxes now, including the full selection of gas and electric meter box door replacements below:

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Yes, you can just replace the door of your meterbox, (otherwise known as electric or gas meter box lid), if it is broken or damaged, as long as the unit is still in good condition. We have a range of meter overbox replacement doors for you to fit to your current meterbox. See our range of meter box electric and gas door replacements and meter box sizes above.

Our replacement meterbox doors come complete with spring pin hinges, latches and a meterbox key, so you do not need to buy them separately. If you misplace or break these parts, we also sell meter box spare parts and kits.

Our range of meter box replacement doors come in a selection of sizes; we have a solution that should fit your standard cavity/inset meter overbox.

If you’re unsure what size meter box replacement door, we would advise that you measure your current electric or gas meter cupboard door. This ensures that you order the right size replacement door to fit your meterbox. The best way to find out the size of your meter box door is to open it and measure it from the inside.

Yes, you can paint your new replacement meterbox door to match your current overbox, or to disguise it on the side of your property.

We also offer electric and gas box doors in white, grey and black! 

One of the best things about all our meter box door replacements is that there is no need to pay a handy-man to come and fit it for you – it can be easily fitted yourself. Learn how to fit your new gas meter box door by reading our handy ‘How to’ guides where you can find a video demonstration. Find out how to repair your meter box here.

But if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help!

Yes we do! Please see the range of gas and electric meter box replacement door and frames above. Order your new meter boxes today.

Yes a meter box cupboard and meter overbox are the same. They are also sometimes referred to as meter box lids, meter box overboxes, meterbox doors, gas and electric box doors and meterboxes.

Yes, we stock electric meter box doors, as well as water and gas box doors.

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