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In some cases, there is no need to replace your whole meter box cover, it can be easily fixed with a meter box repair kit or just a few small replacement parts. It can be as simple as changing the meter box hinges, getting a key repair kit or purchasing a meter box door lock replacement. We stock a range of gas, water and electric meter door repair kits and part replacement for metal and plastic overboxes. Fix and repair your meter boxes now with our quality products. Take a look at the full selection of meter box repair kits and part replacements below:

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No, you do not need to replace the whole meter box door if you have lost your meterbox key. Instead, you can order a replacement key as they are not specific to the box. Most standard meter boxes have a triangular key latch, but just check this before you order. See our range of repair parts.

You do not need to order a whole new meterbox or meterbox door if your latch is broken. As long as the meterbox is in good condition, then you can order a replacement latch from us as part of a electric or gas meterbox repair kit. The latch is simple to install, and extremely durable making it a perfect replacement for any broken electric or gas meter box lock.

The meter box lock/latch can be easily fitted yourself, by clicking or pushing the two latch pieces together and secured in place with a hammer. If you would like to learn more about how to fit your meter box latch, take a look at our ‘How to replace meter box latch’ guide where you can find a video demonstration.

Most standard meterbox parts are not specific to the meterbox. – Make sure you check that your meterbox has a triangular latch if you are ordering our metal or plastic triangular key. – Make sure you measure your meterbox door cavity before ordering the size of new meterbox door. – Make sure you check whether your meterbox has a spring loaded latch or a non-spring loaded latch before you order a replacement.

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