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Is your current surface mounted gas meter broken, vandalised or showing signs of wear and tear? Our range of glass reinforced plastic surface mounted meter box covers provide quality protection for your water, gas or electric meter. These plastic overbox covers fit neatly over your existing meter and can be easily fixed using the external flanges provided. It doesn’t need to be installed by an expert or experienced DIY personnel, any competent person can replace their surface mounted meter box - with just a few easy-to-follow steps. To see how to carry out a replacement, you can see our handy guides in the ‘How to’ area. Take a look at our selection of UK standard plastic surface mounted meter box covers below:

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A surface mounted meter box is a protruding meter box cover that is fitted to an outside property wall. Available in plastic and metal, a surface mounted meter box cover provides excellent protection for gas meter boxes, as well as electric and water.

Yes, a surface mounted meter box can also be called a wall-mounted meter box. This is because the wall mounted meter box cover is mounted on the outside wall of your property.

Yes we do. The Mk2 Gas box which is a full surface/wall mounted gas meter box including back plate and meter fitting bracket. Note the wall mounted gas meter box should be professionally installed. You can just replace your damaged or shabby Gas meter box with just the Mk2 surround and door which is easy to do for any DIYer.

No, we don’t stock electric plastic surface meter boxes. However, we do stock metal electric surface mounted meter box covers. If you can’t find what you need, please do contact us for further advice on your meter box cover.

The main difference between a surface-mounted meter box, and a recessed meter box is that a surface mounted overbox protrudes out from the wall. A recessed meter box barely sticks out, as the meter is recessed (or set back into) the wall.

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