How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

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How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Posted 08.12.2021

As the temperatures begin to decrease and the cold weather brings its extremities, from snow and heavy rain, it is important to ensure your home is ready to face it. So, we’ve put together a few ways for you to prepare your home for the winter.

Clear Out Gutters & Drains

During autumn, most trees lose their leaves and they can clog up gutters and drainpipes, which can build up and result in water leaks. We’d recommend regularly checking for debris and removing it as soon as possible to reduce the risk. 

Check Heatings & Boilers 

It is unlikely that the central heating has been used all of summer and so you might not know if there are any issues in the system or unresolved problems. We’d recommend starting to switch your heating on in the autumn on a low temperature to avoid any pipes from freezing up. Putting your heating onto a timer is a great way to ensure the heating comes on regularly. 

Meter Box Inspections

This might not be the first thing you consider when you are preparing your home, however, it is a really important check. A good quality and robust meter box is important to protect your gas and electric meters. If your box needs replacing we offer a complete range of colours and materials to suit all homes. Alternatively, if instead of a replacement you require a repair, we offer a repair kit and replacement parts to help.

Prepare Your Windows

Over time, temperature changes can cause problems with older windows and doors, it is imperative to regularly inspect the frames and ensure there isn’t any warping, rotting or cracking. If you do notice any then we would suggest speaking to a professional and seeing if they require a replacement or a simple repair. 

Put Away Any Outdoor Furniture

Colder weather usually brings rain, snow and heavy winds so if you have any furniture which isn’t weatherproof, it would be a good idea to place water-resistant covers or even put the furniture into storage. This is also a good way to avoid any furniture flying around and causing any damage to your home.

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