Now in Stock - MK1 Gas Meter Doors

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Now in Stock - MK1 Gas Meter Doors

Posted 20.03.2019

Now in stock a great addition to our meter doors is the Mk1 Gas door. Get yours from our online store

Here are the details:

British Standard compliant Mark 1 gas meter box door supplied with hinges, lock and key.


  • Height: 539mm
  • Width: 455mm


  • Compliant to BS B499:2009
  • Constructed from GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic
  • Will not corrode, weather resistant
  • Easily cleaned and can be painted
  • Left hand hung

Fitting instructions

  • The left-hand side of the box has pre-drilled holes into which the door pins are inserted.
  • Hold the door and insert the solid stainless steel pin into the top recess.
  • Press in the brass spring pin fully and slide into the bottom recess allowing the pin to spring back into the pre-drilled hole.
  • Close the door as normal and lock

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