Painting Your Meter Boxes

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Painting Your Meter Boxes

Posted 19.01.2022

Is your meter box functioning perfectly but the colour no longer matches the exterior of your home or is it beginning to fade and age? Rather than replacing a meter box that is working completely fine, a good quality paint job is a great way to provide a fresh new look for your meter box. Whether it’s a gas, water or even electric meter, here are our top tips!

Can I Paint My Meter Box?

Obviously, if this answer to this question was no, we wouldn’t be writing this post! Most meter boxes are manufactured from plastic or metal, so as long as you use the correct tools, it can be painted and stand the test of time.

Preparing To Paint

As excited as you might be to grab the paintbrushes and begin painting, we suggest preparing properly first! 

First things first, check over your meter box, is it all still in great condition? If there is any damage or scratches, we’d recommend repairing them first. Make sure the surface is clean and smooth so your paint adheres perfectly. 


For plastic boxes, we’d suggest using a high-quality primer specifically made for plastic, outdoor surfaces. If you have a metal box, ensure any old colour or paint is completely removed, then wipe it clean, allow it to dry, remove any remaining dust before priming and painting. 

The Correct Paint

Selecting the right kind of paint for your meter box is incredibly important as the wrong paint can result in a variety of issues, including paint not adhering properly, peeling and in some extreme cases it can cause damage to your meter box. Before purchasing your paint, always check that it is able to withstand the extreme temperatures and weather conditions it might be likely to face throughout the year.

Perfect Time 

Although most meter boxes aren’t very big, to paint them well, it can take quite some time, which would mean being outside, therefore we wouldn’t recommend taking up the task in the middle of winter! Depending on where the boxes are located, the middle of the day in summer might not be a good idea either. Always take the temperature and weather into consideration when painting your meter box. 

Too Much Effort?

Although painting your meter box to match your house can really make the perfect image of the exterior of your home, it can seem like a significant amount of effort too. So at Repair My Meter Box, we sell a range of meter boxes in several colours. Find out more on our products page today.

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