What Are The Signs Of A Faulty Meter?

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What Are The Signs Of A Faulty Meter?

Posted 27.07.2022

Over time, energy meters can deteriorate and show signs of wear and tear, whether this is from being too old, exposure to the elements or even a broken connection. In this post, we cover a variety of different possible signs that you have a faulty meter.

A Significant Increased In Bills

A very obvious sign of a fault in your gas, water or electric meter is when your bills have increased by a significant amount but your consumption doesn’t reflect this. Naturally, the recent and ongoing energy hike is likely to be responsible for the increase in bills however, after a few months you should have a good understanding of what your average bill should be. If for some reason, there seems to be a noticeable increase with no change in consumption, we’d recommend getting in touch with your energy supplier to check your meters.

Error Message

Most if not all meters are now digital, meaning they are quick and easy to read, especially when they are displaying an error message. They often will read, “error” “fault” or something more specific such as “battery”. Other meters may even emit a noise to indicate a problem. Should any of these faults appear and you can’t fix the issue, contact your energy supplier to have your meter inspected and potentially replaced.

Old Meter Box

Although gas, water and electric meter boxes can last for many decades, over time they can show signs of wear and tear. Your energy provider will regularly check and test your equipment to ensure there are no faults or issues, however, if you notice something in between it is important to have this followed up. Contact your energy supplier to relay your concerns as it might require a meter replacement.

No Power

A clear and apparent sign of a faulty meter is the lack of power. So if your power is out but there are no known or reported outrageous in your area, this could indicate an issue with your meter. It could be something as straightforward as a broken connection or a weather issue such as a storm causing an issue, however, these can prove to be problematic. Regardless of the scenario, we’d recommend calling your energy company for an inspection.

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