How To Repair Your Water Meter Box

Use our troubleshooting guide to discover which of our products you require to repair your water meter box.

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We offer a range of options depending on the condition of your water over box… because a broken part doesn’t always mean you need to replace the whole thing. We offer a range of repair parts such as latch kits, keys, doors and studs/fixings. We also have a range of recessed and wall mounted over boxes that fit neatly over your existing meter, and suitable for both internal and external use. So, let us help you find the right product solution for you…

What is the problem with your water box?

My meter box doesn’t lock

If the lock is broken on your water meter box, there is no need to replace the whole meter box if you don’t want to, instead you will need to replace the latch plate. Our repair kits and parts enable you to replace the lock easily, even with little DIY experience. If you have lost the key, we sell replacement universal meter box keys that fit your meter box. See below:

My meter box is broken or is looking tired

If your water meter box is broken, or looking past its use by date, then it’s time for a brand new meter box. Our range of high quality water meter over boxes offer a fast and affordable DIY solution to replacing your old meter box. Just make sure you choose the right size when ordering your new meter box. We have a range of products to fit over your current water over box, see below:

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