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However, damaged meter boxes can be expensive and difficult to replace. In many cases. it’s much easier to just fit a new plastic overbox.

In this guide, we’ll look at how you can fit a new overbox or meter box cover, and answer some common questions people have about the replacement process.

What Is An Overbox or Meter Box Cover?

An overbox or meter box cover is a meter box designed to fit quickly and easily over the top of your existing box so you don’t have to remove the old one.

If your old meter box is completely battered and broken, a quick fix like a new latch or new meter box door isn’t going to be enough to protect your energy meter against the elements. Yet, when it comes to inset energy meters, the replacement process is expensive, difficult and sometimes even impossible.

An overbox is a much quicker and easier alternative. It fits neatly over the top of your old gas meter box or electric meter box, so you don’t need to remove the old one.

An overbox will provide the high level of long-lasting protection that you need for your meter box but is much more affordable than a full replacement.

Can anyone fit a meter overbox?

The great thing about our easy-to-fit overboxes is that they are so simple any anyone can fit them. Even inexperienced DIY’ers should be able to get them fitted without any hassle, as long as you have the tools you need.

How do I prepare to install my new overbox?

In the majority of cases, overboxes are designed to sit comfortably over the majority of inset meter boxes without issue.

But if it doesn’t fit, or the old box sits under the guide holes of your new one, you will need to remove the outer frame of your old box first. This needs to be done without touching the meter or removing the backplate, just the outer frame.

What tools do I need to fit a new meter box?

With an easy-to-install replacement meter box, you will only need a couple of tools that are commonly found around the home. They are:

  • pencil for marking,
  • drill & drill bit,
  • spirit level,
  • silicone (suitable for external meter box use),
  • screwdriver.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fitting a New Meter Overbox

  1. Remove the door from your old meter box
    If the door is still attached to your existing meter box, your first step is to take it off. As your new overbox sits on top of the old one, at best leaving the old door will make it necessarily difficult to open. At worst, it might stop the door opening completely. The easiest solution is to just remove it completely.
  2. Make any necessary adaptations to your new box
    If you have pipes or cables that run along the surface of your wall, you may need to cut holes or notches into the overbox to accommodate them. Hold the box carefully in position and mark out your cuts before making them.
  3. Mark your drill holes
    Hold your new box in place over the old meter box, using a level to make sure it’s straight. Find the guide holes on either the bottom or top of the box and mark out the fixing points on the brickwork.
  4. Drill the holes
    Carefully remove the box, and drill the holes for the new one. Your new overbox should give plenty of clearance between your old box and the new holes.
  5. Fix your new box in place
    Insert raw plugs in the drill holes to protect your brickwork and your box. Then lift the overbox into position, realign with the drill hole points and screw it into place.
  6. Fit the overbox door if needed
    Some overboxes come with their doors detached to make installation easier. If yours is like this it should only take a minute to fit as well.
  7. Seal with silicone
    If needed, you can seal the edges of your box with silicone to keep your energy meters fully protected.

Save Time and Effort with Our Easy-to-fit Overboxes

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to repair your meter box without having to worry about replacing it completely, our range of plastic meter box covers and metal overboxes are a fantastic alternative.

Long-lasting, simple installation and an affordable price make them the easiest way to keep your energy meters safe and protected.

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