Fitting an overbox

This guide can be used for all our Plastic Overboxes or Metal Overboxes. It may be necessary depending on space to fit the new Overbox to remove the old meter box frame. This should be done without touching the inside meter or inside meter box but merely to remove the outside frame so the box is flush to the brick work.

Ensure the old meter door is removed from the damaged box and place the overbox over the current damaged meter box.

Using the guide holes, line up and mark the fixing points on the brick work.

Remove the overbox and drill, rawplug the holes to allow fixing of the overbox frame. Depending on the overbox you will have a different amount of fixing points.

Refit the Overbox frame, realign to the drill hole points and screw into place.

Fit the overbox door if needed.

Silicone can be applied around the frame if needed.

Note:- if you have any pipes or cables that run up the brick work into the existing meter box then you would need to cut out the Overbox frame to allow it to go over.

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