How To Replace A Plastic Meter Box Latch

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Is your meter box looking worse for wear? No problem, we are here to help you easily transform your meter box. From poor weather conditions, to vandalism and general wear and tear, your meter box needs regular upkeep to maintain its condition. We sell a whole range of meter box parts and repair kits that make repairing your meter box simple and easy. 

Our Meter Box Plastic Latch is simple and easy to replace, and can be fitted on your existing meter box. Whether you are replacing an electric or gas meter box latch, the process is the same. You will need to replace both the latch and lock at the same time if they are damaged. Read our instructions below…

Replacing a meter box latch:

  1. Your Plastic latch will consist of three pieces. A plastic latch piece, plastic centre pin piece (triangle key slot) metal washer.
  2. Slot the metal washer through the plastic centre pin and thread through the front of the meter door.
  3. Take the latch piece and click into place on the inside of the door. Ensure the plastic latch piece is fitted the correct way round with the flatter side facing upwards.

Take a look through our handy meter box latch replacement guide for a video tutorial on replacing the latch. 


Do I need to replace my whole meter box if the latch is broken?

If your meter box latch is broken, there is no need to replace the whole meter box unit if it is otherwise in a good condition. You can easily and quickly replace the meter box latch, for a durable and quick transformation.

How do I know which meter box latch to order?

Luckily, most meter boxes and parts are not specific to the meter box. If you are looking to replace your meter box latch with a metal or plastic triangular key, you need to check that your meter box has a triangular latch. Also, be sure to check if your meter box has a spring loaded latch or a non-spring loaded latch before you order a replacement.

I can’t find my meter box key, can I still replace the latch?

Yes! We sell replacement meter box keys that are standard to most meter boxes. Most standard meter boxes have a triangular key latch, be sure to check this before you order the replacement key. 

If you need any extra help with replacing your meter box latch, then get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help! 

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