How To Replace a Metal Meter Box Latch Yourself

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If you are searching for ‘how to fit a latch door’ we have the guide for you. Learn how to replace a latch held with washers or a metal latch. Your meter box latch may have worn over time and need replacing. Purchase our meter box latch or lock in metal and use this easy to follow guide to fit the box latch. If your current meter box is held with washers and is made of metal, this guide is designed with you in mind.

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As part of this tutorial, you will be working with our meter box latch or lock in metal. This is a genuine spare that has been certified for use with both gas and electric meter boxes, and is suitable for meter box doors which have a none spring-loaded latch. Your metal latch will consist of three parts, a metal latch piece, a wavy washer and a grip washer.

Who can replace a meter box metal latch?

You don’t need to have any DIY experience to replace your gas or electric meter box lock/latch, and this guide helps make the replacement process as straight-forward and easy as possible. We’ve also included a video demonstration if you would like to see how it’s done.

What tools do I need?

In order to carry out the installation, the only additional tools you require are:

  • Socket (to push washers into place)
  • Hammer

How to replace meter box latch:

  • Place the latch piece into position on the door with the triangular key slot slotted through the keyhole with the latch piece inside the door.
  • Push over the wavy washer and then the grip washer from the outside of the door down on to the key slot.
  • Once the washers are in place, place a small socket over the top
  • The use a hammer to ensure the washers are firmly in place

Take a look at our meter box latch or lock as well as our full range of repair kits and parts for meter boxes.

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