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Stainless Steel Overbox for either gas or electric meter box repairs

A Metal Universal Overbox For Your Electricity Or Gas Meter

A quick and affordable DIY repair solution for an electric  meter box or gas meter box.

The units s are made from aluminium and come complete with two quarter turn budget locks and full length 316 rust proof stainless steel piano hinge

The key features of these  overboxes are:-

  • They will fit over your existing meter box even if the current box is damaged
  • Secure and looks alot more asesthically pleasing than just replacing a damaged meter door
  • External fixings means its simple to fit onto your existing brick work
  • Fast to fit and alot cheaper to fit than replacing the whole meterbox
  • Meter can be left untouched whilst you fit the box saving any work from the utility company
  • Available in powder coated white 
  • Front fitting design to go over any box up to 825 x 605 x 100 deep. Ideal when space is limited. 
  • Made from powder coated 2mm aluminium.
  • Complete with full length 316 rust proof stainless steel piano hinge for addded strength.
  • Complete with two quarter turn locks, all fixings and triangular key
  • Fixed to brick for added strength and security

How to measure my meter box:-

The dimensions of the damaged GRP box at the wall. The width and height at the wall, and the depth from the wall should be all that you will require. If necessary use the link below with a useful guide to measuring your meter box.

Sizes available via our online store below:-

Where you have a recessed  or sunken meter box see below:-

***Overall measurements cover size within online store***

(OB1) 700mm  x 550mm  x 100mm  - £150.00

(OB3S) 675mm  x 465mm  x 50mm  - £120.00

(OB3SD)  600mm  x 480mm  x 80mm  - £125.00

(OB3M) 725mm  x 525mm  x 50mm - £125.00 

(OB3MD) 725mm x 500mm x 95mm - £135.00

(OB3L) 820mm  x 605mm  x 50mm  -£130.00

(OB3D) 825mm x 605mm x 100mm - £137.00

**All Prices inc VAT and delivery **
How to order:-

You can order our stainless steel overbox via the online store please ensure you check the size before ordering and prices start from £120 (including VAT and delivery)

Any questions or queries please do get in touch on 0115 888 2600 or by emailing.

Stainless Steel Overbox for either gas or electric meter box repairs
Measuring My Meterbox