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Is your electric meter box broken, showing signs of wear and tear or just plain unsightly? Perhaps it might be time to replace your meter box now. Our electric meter boxes are an affordable DIY repair solution to replace your current overbox and provide greater protection for your electric meter. Whether you need a replacement meter box cover, a meter box key, or an electric meter box door, RepairMyMeterBox has the solution for you. Our range of meter box covers are made from high-impact engineering-grade Thermoplastic polymer material, making them durable in all kinds of weather. All of our products are specified and compliant with UK Standards, so you can rest assured that your electric meter box is protected to maximum safety. Take a look at our full range of electric meter overboxes:

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An electric meter box cover, otherwise known as a electric meter overbox, is a secure container that covers a electric meter on the exterior (or sometimes interior) of a property. They are usually made from hard-wearing plastic or metal to withstand environmental conditions, and are available in different sizes and colours to fit your requirements.

Fitting a meter box yourself is easy and you don’t need to be an experienced DIYer to do so. You do however need to use a drill and drill bit. We have a few handy guides on how you can fit a new electric meter box on our ‘How to’ page.

In some cases, you will not need to replace your whole electric meter box altogether, you may only need to replace your meter box door. Or, if your door just needs reattaching, you will only need some small repair parts to do the job. We have everything you will need to replace, fix or repair your electric meter box.

Our electric meter box covers can all be painted / sprayed to your prefered colour.

RepairMyMeterBox does not fit or replace your electric meter cover. Our meter boxes are easy to fit , even if you are not experienced in DIY. We have put together some step-by-step guides on how you can install your electric meter box. You can find these on our ‘How to’ page.

The homeowner is responsible for the electric meter box, not the utility company, as it is part of the fabric of the building.

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