DIY Changes To Improve Your Home Exterior

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DIY Changes To Improve Your Home Exterior

Posted 27.10.2021

It can be quite challenging to find low-cost, effective and easy DIYs to improve your home, so we’ve put together a few ideas that can help. Whatever your style and budget, we’ve got a DIY solution for you.

Painting Your Garage Door

Although the key function of a garage door is to keep your home and garage secure, it is usually the first thing people see, and therefore ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing is important too. Replacements can be costly and unnecessary especially if they are still functional, however, painting your garage door is a great way to freshen up the exterior of your home. We’d recommend choosing a good quality paint made specifically for garage doors as this will last longer in all weather conditions.

Decorating Your Fascias, Soffits & Gutters

Another quick and easy way to improve the exterior of your home is to paint the fascias, soffits and gutters. This might not be something you really consider to be important, but refreshing their colours can give the exterior of your home a new lease of life. You can also use this opportunity to paint your meter box in a matching colour. Before you begin, check that everything is clean, dry and free of any debris. 

UPVC Spraying Your Windows

Of all the options, this is likely the most expensive, however, they can be a significant update to any home, transforming the space completely. As with most things, over time, UPVC features slowly fade and lose their appearance, they can help create the illusion of new windows or doors at a fraction of the cost. This is something you can do yourself, achieving the perfect finish can be challenging so it would be a good idea to hire a professional. 

Replacing Your Meter Box

We might be biased, but if you’ve already completed the updates we’ve suggested above, a new meter box would be the final step in the transformation, especially if it is unsightly. Whether it is a gas, electric or water meter box, you can choose between a selection of materials, colours and styles to suit. At Repair My Meter Box, we can help you select the best option for you. 

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