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Cost Effective Meter Box Repairs

Posted 28.04.2021

When it comes to meter box repairs, costs can quickly add up. Meter boxes are expensive to replace but there is not always a need to replace the whole unit, sometimes you can easily and cost effectively repair your meter box with a few simple adjustments and replacement parts. From adding a replacement lock / latch to changing the meter box hinges, there are cost effective ways of giving your meter box the attention it deserves.

You may be searching for a ‘replacement gas meter box’ but actually all you need is to replace a few parts on your existing meter box unit. At Repair My Meter Box we stock a wide range of meter box repair kits and parts repair kits and parts for your gas, water and electric meter boxes…

How do I know the meter box replacements will fit my meter box?

Generally speaking, most standard meter boxes do not have specific sizes or parts to their design. This means most of the meter box replacement parts we sell will fit your current meter box. It is worth checking your meter box has a triangular latch if you are ordering the triangular metal or plastic key. Also, it is worth checking whether your meter box has a spring loaded or non-spring loaded latch before you order a replacement.

Why should I repair my meter box?

There are a number of reasons you may need to fix or repair your meter box. If it is damaged, parts are broken or falling off, there is visible wear and tear and if it has become vandalised you may wish to repair it. We stock a full range of cost effective meter box repair and replacement parts. Take a look at our most popular items below…

1. Replacement Meter Box Latch

Meter box latches are prone to wear and tear and you will need to replace both the latch and lock at the same time if you notice any damage. We stock replacement metal and plastic latches for your gas and electric meter boxes. Our meter box latches start at only £3.45 and are a cost effective way to repair your damaged meter box latch. The latch is easy to install, and it is very durable, making it a perfect replacement for any broken electric or gas meter box lock. Take a look through our handy meter box latch replacement guide for instructions on how to replace the latch.

2. Replacement Meter Box Hinges

Meter box hinges are often the first place you notice any damage to on your meter box. If your meter box is damaged, it may be a case of replacing the broken hinges and not buying a whole new meter box. Costing only £3.35 you can buy a new meter box hinge to repair your broken one. They are easy to fit and replace and can make all the difference to the quality of your meter box! 

3. Replacement studs/fixings

If you are looking for meter box replacement studs and fixings, we sell just the parts for you. They are easy and simple to install, and provide professional repair to your gas meter box.  Shop our range of replacement meter box studs and fixings now for a cost effective meter box repair. 

Our full range of meter box repair and replacement parts allow you to cost effectively repair your meter box. Take a look through our handy guide on How to repair your meter box How To Repair Your Meter Box if you are looking for some tips and tricks. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions.

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