Meter box transformations: Overbox

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Meter box transformations: Overbox

Posted 18.11.2020

We love this meter box transformation sent in by one of our happy customers! They have used the Overbox For Damaged Gas of Electricity Meter boxes in black to replace their meter box and we think it looks great!

The overbox for gas or electric meter boxes provides a quality, durable and affordable DIY option to replace your meter box cover. The meter box can be used on either gas or electric meters and is suitable for use over an existing or damaged gas or electric meter box that has been inset into the wall. It is durable and hard wearing and comes in both a white and black colour option. The meter box can also be painted or sprayed to the colour of your choice like the picture below:

Meter box transformations: Overbox

The overbox is made from a high impact engineering grade thermoplastic polymer material making it extremely durable and resistant to bad weather conditions.

The overbox is suitable to fit over existing boxes with overall sizes no bigger than 618mm height x 440mm width x 66mm depth. We recommend that you measure your existing meter box beforehand to make sure the new overbox will fit correctly over it.

If you need any help fitting your overbox take a look at our how to guide which includes a video tutorial. Also you can browse our full product range to view all the meter box covers and kits we sell and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any additional advice. 

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