Overbox For Damaged Gas or Electricity Meter boxes



You are buying an Overbox

This is a quick and affordable DIY meter box repair solution for gas and electric recessed (inset) meter boxes

This Overbox  is resistant to damage and weathering. It was developed to fit over an existing damaged meter box where the original is inset into the wall (the most expensive and disruptive repair) making the unit safe and aesthetically pleasing.

The Overbox can be used for gas or electric meter box installations with a vent position above / below the meter door.

So don’t be fooled or underestimate the difficultly in fixing an inset meter box and fon’t be duped into purchasing cheaper alternatives that will fall apart in days and are a nightmare to fit.

What are the specifications?

The Overbox dimensions are 634mm height x 494mm width x 100mm depth a and can fit over existing inset meter boxes with overall sizes no bigger than 618mm height x 440mm width x 66mm depth.

It is made from High Impact Engineering Grade, UV weather resistant Thermoplastic polymer material so this is the same plastic as roof boxes or guttering.

Contains one Overbox in BLACK or WHITE.

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