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Sometimes a quick and cost-effective meter box repair isn’t enough to save your meter box. If the outer box itself is warped, rusted or cracked then you’ll need to make a more extensive repair.

Luckily replacing your gas meter box is still simple and straightforward when you use one of our easy-to-fit gas meter boxes. But one way to make the process even easier is to know what you need to do before you start, and that’s where this guide comes in.

As well as setting out how to replace your gas meter box step-by-step, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions we hear about getting the task finished

We’ll be mainly focusing on replacing an MK2 surface-mounted gas meter cover, but we’ll have some information about other types of over box too.

Why replace a gas meter box?

Meter boxes are a vital way of protecting your energy meters. They keep the elements at bay so that your meter can last its full lifespan without becoming faulty. Maintaining your meter box isn’t just something you ‘ought’ to do, it’s actually your legal responsibility to keep your meter box secure.

Sometimes a simple meter box repair won’t be enough to save a damaged gas meter box. Instead, you need to look for a bigger repair – a replacement.

This might be because your existing box is an old or unusual design so replacement parts don’t fit. It might be because the outer box is cracked, split or too weak that any attempt at a repair would break it further.

Or it might just be the case that your meter box is so old and tired it is no longer worth trying to repair. A peeling, sun-bleached box that no amount of TLC can revive.

How often do I need to replace my gas box?

External meter boxes are built to last decades and they have no set lifespan (unlike energy meters which need regular replacement). If you maintain your box carefully and stay on top of minor repairs, it will likely last a long time.

The only way to decide when it needs replacing is if it starts to look tired, damaged or broken.

How long does it take to replace a gas meter box?

No need to worry about blocking out a whole day to fit a new gas box cover. Our products are so easy to fit, that it won’t take longer than an hour – watch our video to see us finish the job in under five minutes!

What tools do I need to fit an external meter box?

Don’t worry about drawing together a whole toolbox to help you fit our meter boxes. Our products are specifically designed to be easy to fit, with all the fittings included in the box.

So if you are installing a replacement gas box the only additional tools you will need are:

  • A pencil to mark your drill holes
  • A drill

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Your Surface-Mounted Gas Meter Box

The exact steps to replace your meter box will depend on what type of meter box you have. If you have a surface-mounted box, the job is incredibly quick and straightforward.

  1. Open your old meter box
    Most meter boxes have their fittings installed inside the box to protect them. This means your first step is to get inside the box – if you’ve lost your key, your new box may include one that will still fit the old box. Otherwise, you can refer to our guide on how to open a meter box without a key.
  2. Remove your old meter box
    This is likely to be held in place by 3 widgets (or less if they’ve fallen out, snapped or been lost.) If not, take them out – there are usually two at the top on either side and one in the middle at the bottom. With the widgets gone, you can simply lift your old box off the wall, leaving the backplate exposed.
  3. Position your new meter box
    Slide your new box over the backplate. Our meter boxes are as lightweight as possible to make installation simple, so you shouldn’t struggle to lift the box and slip it over the backplate.
  4. Fix the box to the backplate (Gas Surface-mounted Meter Box MK2)
    Use your new widgets to fix the box to the backplate, using the existing holes. These widgets can just be pushed into place, and they will hold your new gas meter box in position for years to come.
  5. Fix the box to the wall (Metal Hook-over Gas Overbox)
    If you’re using an over box for your gas meter, you will need to fix it to the wall rather than the back plate. The fittings are included with your box and fit at two points under the bottom of the new box.Simply drill into the brickwork, insert the plugs into the holes then insert your screws into the plugs. This will protect your brickwork and your box, making sure your new meter box is secure enough to last for decades.

Can I repair or replace inset gas meter boxes?

An inset meter box is slightly different to a surface-mounted one. It is set into the external wall making it impossible to remove without taking the meter out. Unfortunately, that can only be done by a gas engineer.

If you have an inset box, it is much cheaper and easier to simply buy an overbox instead. These fit neatly over the existing box to offer the same protection and smart look of a new box, without all the stress of removing the old one.

To learn more about how to fit an overbox take a look at our guide.

Looking For A Replacement Gas Meter Box?

View our range of gas meter box covers and order your new gas meter box today. If still have any questions or need more support, feel free to contact our team.


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