How to replace a broken gas meter box

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If you’ve got a broken gas meter box you’ve come to the right place! In this how-to guide, we will be showing you how to carry out a gas box replacement on a Mk2 surface mounted gas box cover, one of the most common types of gas meter boxes. Whether you’re a novice when it comes to DIY, or somewhat of an expert in the field; fitting this meter box couldn’t be more simple! We’ve also included a video demonstration for fitting your replacement gas meter box on the left-hand side of this page.

Why Replace A Broken Gas Meter Box?

  • Your damaged gas meter box will be leaving your meter unprotected.
  • Your gas meter box door is broken, which looks unsightly.
  • Your gas meter box lock is broken.

There are a variety of reasons you may need a gas box replacement; using this handy guide will make the process as simple as possible for you. 

Steps To Replace A Broken Gas Meter Box…

  1. Your current meter box will likely be held in place by 3 widgets. If these have not already fallen out or been lost, remove them.
  2. Your meter box cover will now be easy to pull off, leaving the backplate fixed against the wall.
  3. Using our gas surface mounted meter box Mk2, you will simply be able to fit this to the existing backplate, using your three widgets to secure your new meter box in place. It couldn’t be more simple!

We do offer an alternative solution for replacing a damaged gas meter box Mk2. This is using the metal hook over gas overbox, which fits to the existing backplate.

  1. This will simply need to slide this over the existing backplate.
  2. You will find there are two points at the bottom to fix it to the brickwork.

Both these offer a long-lasting and cost-effective solution to fixing a broken gas meter box. Don’t spend unnecessary money replacing the entire box through a gas engineer! If you do have any questions on how to replace a gas meter box, or require further assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Looking For A Replacement Gas Meter Box?

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